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About the Bill Mulhausen Orchestra

bill mulhausenThe Bill Mulhausen Orchestra is unique in that it specializes in all types of authentic nationality music including American, Slovenian, Polish, Italian, Irish, Croatian, Hungarian as well as German. Their itinerary ranges from polka to rock, pop and country, Latin and big band. At German activities the music is authentic and the band appears in traditional German costume (lederhosen).

The Bill Mulhausen Orchestra has more than 45 years of experience and has performed throughout Ohio, the U.S.A., Canada and Europe. The orchestra plays for weddings, parties, anniversaries, country clubs, restaurants and nationality festivals. They have also appeared on TV and radio.

About Bill Mulhausen

Bill Mulhausen was born in the United States and his parents came from Germany. He began his career in music at the age of nine with the accordion. For six years he studied with Tops Cardone who played with Frankie Yankovic. Bill has played professionally for over 45 years and also taught music privately for 18 years. His teaching included accordion, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet and guitar. He has studied voice and sings in 6 different languages. His wife Kieran, owns a music store: Mulhausen Music in Westlake, Ohio.